Rise As One.

Rise As One.

It’s scary to do things your own way, because it feels more personal. But I know firsthand that carving your own path is the only way to do meaningful work.
Paul Jarvis, the entrepreneur who faced his fears and found hard-fought success. (via fastcompany)
Another day. Another dream.

So much on my mind that i can never be a writer. It would just be a mess. I guess that’s why I choose to draw. My messages seem clearer but wiser and even tell a story the way i visualize it. See i can’t tell if my writing shows exactly what i’m thinking in my head. When i draw though. I almost feel like i know exactly where everything needs to be and there’s no other option.

Ok that was just me getting into the groove. Now onto the boring stuff. So if you’ve read my last message you should know that i was a part of an online class. And i’m still waiting for the results. Mos def one of the most nerve-racking days ever. I live and dream of the day i know for sure. I almost feel like this, if anything is an opportunity to know that i’m on the right track. i know i am though but like anyone i want to be recognized. And so far i’ve been getting the reaction that i’ve been dreaming of every minute. People are finally really looking a little deeper into the work. I feel like we as people, especially this generation of people, need to work our brain a little more, go out and fight for the answers that we want to see. We def hit a slump as a community with the current way shits going. I mean everything feels dumbed down, people, including myself, are waiting for the answers to appear on our page while we sit here and write big ass messages… …

I kid, do what you gotta do. But i do feel that in a way. When i listen to music, it’s not picking at something in my brain, or giving me that tingling feeling down my back. And the business i tend on being a part of, it’s awesome that everyone is promoting such an important thing, about being you, it’s all about you, you need to stand out. But what does that even mean. What do they mean 'it's all about you.' Do they mean the exact shade of my eye or my most most favourite toppings on a pizza? Cause i know that every little detail about me is what makes me who i am right, even my eye colour or pizza toppings. It’s really cool though that people are promoting this, but no one’s backing up their words. If people really live and breathe those words, i’d like to see that in their work. But let me tell you, i’ve seen some epic brands share epic ideas that make even me think damn that’s nice. That’s exactly what i’m trying to show with incognito too. Like any brand i could make  some cool looking floral five-panels. But i didn’t. Why, cause one. every brand is pushing those out. And all these brands that promote it’s all about you are really just promoting it’s all about what’s hot. nah mean. I won’t do things because everyone else is doing it. If i feel like i can take this floral five-panel and flip it on it’s ass and then share it with you i’ll do it. Everything we do needs to be one - of - one. You’re gonna start hearing that a lot from us now. This is one component of becoming a master of your own identity. 

Yes, we do promote what a lot of new brands as well as old promote. About being you, about doing you, and about doing what you love to do. But we’re digging a little deeper but also sticking to those words. 

You might be a little confused, trying to figure out how do we really be ourselves, how do we really do you. And how do i know what i love to do. We came to realize none of these focus on the you. It’s all about the beingyou. And about doingyou. But those two words don’t show exactly what we’re supposed to be doing or be. We want to focus on the you. And   how  do  we  do  that. By knowing who you are. Knowing your true identity. Yeah it’s still confusing. And it seems like work to really know your true identity. Why bother with such a heavy workload. Going back to our generation needing to work our brains a little. Here is the very first thing you should do. Figure yourself out. What? Want to know how? Don’t expect a single answer to be given to you. You need to bust your ass and figure this shit out on your own. Cause your answer is completely different than mine. But we’ll lead you on the right track. And that’s what incognito will be doing differently than the other brands out there. We’ll be showing you what it takes to truly know yourself, which will allow you to focus in on your identity and move towards knowing yourself to the fullest. 

With every collection, we want to reveal a chapter in our story that helped us get to where we are, and take what you need from our knowledge for you and apply it your life. And i know for a fact, like i’ll put my life on the line to say that everyone can take some knowledge back. And remember to share, what we share with you, likewise we want you to share what you’re all about and how you got to where you are with us. Knowledge is the greatest currency. 

But yeah, we want to show you something new. Something you’ve never seen or knew about yourself. And we plan on doing this through each collection. Our first collection Take.Over.theBOX we wanted to share specifics on how to start looking for your identity. And the endless possibilities once you do. The greatest thing about our designs, it will mean something completely different to you then it does to me. And that is completely okay. That is after all what makes us one - of - one. With our most recent collection. You can find it here by the way: 


We wanted to share with you what it takes to fully know your true identity. The work it takes to get there, and what you need to do when things go differently than you planned. Just remember, when you know yourself completely, it’s almost as if you’ve been given a medallion to wear to show the world of your great success. And like the previous collection we want to share with you the knowledge and the possibilities of the things you can achieve once you know yourself. The power that you can use to create the things you want to see in this world.

But what about all this talk about knowing yourself. How do you really know yourself, what does it take to know yourself, how much work does it really take, and what is it exactly that i’m trying to know about myself. These are all questions i’ll soon answer but for now connect everything you’ve read to this:

keep it one - of - one.

What does this mean to you? How would you connect this phrase to knowing yourself?

Keep it 1o1. 

Incognito State of Mind.

The truth

The truth

What up everyone. Wanted to drop some knowledge before i knock out. If you know what’s been good with Incognito then you know we were taking part in an online class on skillshare with Jeff Staple. And the class is done in an hour and a half. Shieeet

This last month has really opened my eyes a little wider and I had the chance to really focus in on what matters to me. What I took from this class wasn’t specifics about branding, it was mostly building up my own identity. Jeff taught us a bunch of really useful things that he encountered on his way to the top and I really appreciate the knowledge. One thing I really try to do is understand what people have done before me. Without that knowledge, you’ll only be just as great as them. But with the help of someone that went through it all before, you have the chance to learn from their wins and losses and be even greater.

But what I truly took from this class was a reflection of myself and Incognito. This class gave me the opportunity to tell a story, the way i wanted to, about what i wanted. I can say that with this skillshare class, I now have a greater understanding of myself, and what I want to achieve with Incognito.

Take a moment to check out the project we created. This 1page will show you an important chapter in our story. With our most recent collection, i.POWER.theWORLD we brought out something that we can honestly say we’re proud of. 


I want to say thank you to all the people that dropped by for a glance, an extra thank you for dropping some knowledge. More than anything I want to hear what people really think about the work we’re doing here at Incognito. And from all the reviews i’ve read, I’m hearing exactly what I wanted to hear. I’ve always wanted my design work to be more than visually cool. It had to have meaning on a deeper level and I feel like a lot of people are slowly looking a little deeper and appreciating the work a little more. So thank you.

I also want to thank Jeff Staple and Skillshare for an opportunity like this one. Everyone needs an opportunity and this was an epic one. Keep doing what you’re doing, you guys are doing the right thing to help out the young guns like myself. I want to see your level of success but on my terms. And eventually provide this kind of help to the future.

Remember everyone:

No man can walk out on his own story.

Keep it 1o1.


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